SmartGarage Map

Make "Visualization" of Data
Management with Google Maps!

“Cloud type field survey tool” Available for Any device, Enter on the map in the field, Register photo, and Output forms.

“SmartGarage Map”, Field survey tool using Cloud & Google Maps, you can immediately register any pieces of information on the spot by your tablet.
In addition, by combined new photos and location information update,
enable to manage accurate data.
No necessary to enter data after returning to the office.
Realize Efficiency of Work and Time!

SmartGarage Map for solving
these kinds of troubles!

Case 1

Input manually information and photos which you got on site after going back to your office. It’s impossible to finish them during office hours.

To use time efficiently
and reduce overtime

Case 2

Not match the management content of the current task, with a commercially available data management service which includes a lot of unnecessary items.

To set your own desired

Case 3

Readjustment and organize the data is in trouble, also occurs human error before outputting form.

To form output simply
and easily

Case 1 
No Duplication of Effort of Input Work!

Using Cloud, you can register and update. Input work is possible with a portable device, like tablet and smartphone.
By synchronized in real-time in the cloud, Smartgarage Maps eliminates input work after returning office and reduces over work risk.

Case 2 
Set up Input Items Freely!

Customize a set of input items yourself by the management field.
You choose text input and select box depend on input items.Whenever you need, just customize your necessary item.
It’s possible to optimize in any work.

Case 3 
Output Forms by Only 1 Click!

Even if anyone does, the format will not fall apart!
No need to adjust items & data reduction.

Other Features

Unify management of photos and
related information

Unifying automatically management of input information of photo data, not only date & time but also location & direction.

Place shapes on Google Maps easily

Freely plot figure like Point, Line, and Polygon on Google Maps, as you like just tapping. You can see square measure of Polygon and extended line.

Perform the simultaneous operation
with multiple people

Enable to edit and register simultaneously by user management function with several members. Also, control not to edit one data simultaneously by exclusive control function and limit access to management menu depending on authority.

Reuse survey results with GIS

Output by CSV & KML as standard equipment.You can move data to GIS, as it is.

Work offline

Enable to take photos & register attribute value on an offline area, as like pulling data out on an offline area. You can get location information by GPS.

Share the latest data with everyone at the same time

Administrator can check the registered data in real time via cloud server. Making it possible to work even in remote locations, can share data in real time, anytime, anywhere!

SmartGarage Series

Realize “Visualization” of Data Management!


By incorporating Google Maps into the database system, it is possible to associate location information with existing business data.
Thus, it also becomes possible operability and visual representation of the data registration.

Promote Effective Use of Time


You can save data immediately and see them in a remote location by using Cloud server.
It leads to activation of the time.

Available by Any Devices.


It corresponds to many devices, PC, Smartphone and Tablet.
Available service outside your office, like your home and so on.

Possible to Edit, Anyone, Anytime!


Using Spreadsheet, input and manage data as like Excel.
Anyone can operate them if they have any devices connected to the Internet.

Functions List

  • Data List
  • List data in management number unit
  • Basic Informations Registration / Editing
  • Register / edit the items set in the input item master
  • Photos Registration / Editing
  • You can shoot and register photos containing relevant information
  • Figure Registration / Editing
  • Multiple points, lines, polygons can be registered
  • User Master
  • Register / edit users who can use the system
  • Management Number Master
  • Register / edit management number data
  • Input Item Master
  • Register / edit input item which is used in the system
  • Check-in
  • Select data to be imported to the local application
  • System Basic Setting
  • Perform basic system setup
  • CSV Form
  • Download registered data by CSV method
  • KML Form ( Basic / Detail )
  • Download basic / detail information by KML method

High-Quality Security

Security measures are implemented from various viewpoints such as network, server, software, database.

  • IP · Domain connection restriction in HTTP access
  • SSL communication
  • Port restriction
  • Log management
  • IP connection restriction on server connection
  • Regular change of server-side password
  • SQL injection measures in the program
  • Measures of information leakage and site tampering by spoofing in the program
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS) measures

We are a certification acquirer of an international standard of security management system (ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (JIS Q 27001:2014)).