Signite Inc. establish, fulfill and maintain the information security policy in below as our societal responsibility that we recognize the importance of information assets including information from clients, and manage for content management, system development with database and planning and operation of the homepage.

(1) Our company express the standard policy of information security, establish ISMS manual and procedure manual of information security, and takes appropriate information security measures for we handled the information.
(2) All employees handle, protect and manage the information assets according to specified information security measures. In case of any violation, punish according to its contents.
(3) Our company clarifies the internal responsibility system. We also observe laws and regulations about information security and contract with clients.
(4) Our company takes appropriate effective and safe security against fraudulent access to information assets, based on appropriate risk assessment.
(5) Our company audits, corrects and educates information security regularly. Also we maintain and improve information security measures and management system.
(6) In case of outsource to or share information assets with external vendors, our company selects outsourcing contractor which can confirm that safety is secured. Moreover we educates and supervises adequately.
(7) If divulging and falsification of information occur, we grasp the situation expeditiously and accurately, judge and respond effectively.

Enactment : Oct.1st 2014
Revised : Jan.27th 2016
Signite Inc.