We will establish Privacy Policy in below. Besides employees will enforce handling of personal data to contribute to safety and abundant information society.

(1) Regarding collection, use and supply, we handle safety and properly within achievement of our business purposes (Contents management, System development with database, HP planning and production etc.) Our company will not handle personal data beyond the purpose of use we mentioned without obtaining the prior consent of the person. Moreover, we strengthen management system against that.
(2) We will observe laws and regulations about private data and other rules.
(3) We will prevent various risks of private data as like fraudulent access, loss, breaking, falsification, leak etc. Moreover, we will take appropriate measures for corrective action. Also, we will place responsible persons for personal information protection and work on appropriate management.
(4) Our company provide ”clients inquiries” for requests of disclosure, correction, suspension of use, deletion and complaints of personal information. Also, we establish a system to enable to respond effectively and expeditiously, and respond after identification by prescribed procedures.
(5) We will observe laws and regulations about private data and other rules. Moreover, we make every effort to improve personal information protection management system continuously depending on changes in the environment.

Enactment : Feb.15th 2005
Revised : Dec.20th 2006
Jul.1st 2008
Jan.27th 2016
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