In order to meet our clients' needs, we offer various IT services such as Map solution with Google Maps API and Web System Development utilizing database which is also available for smart device.

Signite Inc. Business Introduction


“MAPS SOLUTION”location_on

Construction of Database System using Google Maps API

Using Google Maps API, we build and supply Database system to promote Operational Visualization & Efficiency.

You might feel that GIS* itself is difficult.
*GIS=Geographical Information System

However, anyone can easily operate since we try to simplify design and also utilize the common Google Maps.

What can you Do
with the Map?location_on

MAPS × SYSTEM can make you grasp the Movement of People, Goods and Money.


Grasp the Current Location of Working Staffs and Place Appropriate Personnel Placement.

By managing people using maps, you can build a system that improves the efficiency of personnel expenses. Also you can also build a system as an area marketing tool by using bigdata of flow of people.


Grasp the Movement of the City Bus and think about waiting time.

By managing goods using maps, you can build system that manages the housing, real estate, and facilities information together with location information as Field survey tool. It’s possible to draw figures and measure the distance on the map.


Monitor the Movement of Earnings and Taxes.

By managing money using maps, you can build system to visually analyze the performance of each store and understand the usage of taxes.

SmartGarage Map location_on

Make "Visualization" of Data Management with Google Maps!

"Field Investigation on Cloud Computing" is available for any devices.You can do work such as inputting data into the map, uploading photos, and outputting reports there.

Production flow


Depending on client's request and budget, select the necessary functions and services.

・Consultation / Visit / Meeting
・Project Definition and Design



Depending on customer's request and budget, finalize the overall contents.

・Planning / Proposal
・Contract / Order Confirmation



Based on the Finalized specifications, system development & server build


Provide various Cloud services as follows;

・Web application
・Compatibility with database
・Availability for dispersing Server load when flocking
・Security toughness

Cloud Platform

GCP builds a server with high security including APP engine. By Google's latest technology, finely fragmented data are distributed to multiple servers and stored safely in a state that human beings can not decipher. Furthermore, GCP retains their copies in the multi-data centers and realizes high redundancy and availability.



Prepare for delivery as follows;
・Document and Manual preparation
・Operation verification / Fix
・Inspection of delivered goods / Delivery